Using Bookmarketeers for Marketing and Promoting your Business

The best thing about Bookmarketeers is that we have a hierarchy of strategies for marketing and promoting businesses. If you are a writer, then you don’t need to worry about getting your manuscripts marketed and promoted. We use ideal publishing platforms with our secret recipes to get your book read by the targeted audience. Here are our few reasons to choose us for Book Marketing and Promoting businesses:

Have our own Website and Blog

We have our own website that helps to gain potential readers before your book has through all the writing and publishing procedures. We have a blog section on our website, which we frequently update to achieve organic search results. In this way, we can create hype through giveaways as soon as the release date comes closer. Our high-quality content will make the audience subscribe to updates from our websites. For instance, if the launch date is a couple of months away, we can build a mailing list to improve the website’s ranking.


How can Guest Posting help to boost your sales?

The best way of boosting your sales is to improve your content marketing strategy. Guest Posting can help to promote any business, products, services, and social media profiles under the author’s biography. You can place your content on someone else’s website in exchange to gain free content and traffic for your product. It is one of the most widely used methods that can help to generate web traffic, authority, and build backlinks to your business website.

Now we know what guest posting is, the question which is supposed to be asked is where to guest post?

It would be best if you chose the right platform for guest posting. A lot of people in the world try to guest post at every possible place without having a clear understanding of their customers and location. You only need specifically targeted traffic to boost your sales. These small points might help you out to get better sales via Guest Posting


Best Publishing Platforms

Do you need more viewers to share your book with the world?

If you are a writer, then you might be thinking about self-publishing your book. You might not have an idea, but having your self-published book can extend your business and blogs as well. The new trend in the market that self-published platforms can generate up to 30-50% of your book sales in any format. In the United States, such platforms are already accounting for 40% of all the books sold.
Self-Publishing Authors are gaining advantages over the conventional ones, as young people prefer Online Stores (i.e., Amazon) from those old Brick and Mortar stores.
Now that you are aware of the latest trends let’s focus on the companies where you can choose to publish.