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Bookmarketeers is a hub for bringing your story publishing ideas back to life. We look forward to creating content that aligns with your commercial goals, speaking directly to the audience to build a conversation with your brand. Our company does not comprise of writers; it also comprises of a digital marketing agency that helps to market and publish your book as well. Our vision is to redefine the landscape of the Book Writing, Marking, and Publishing niche in the United States of America by working towards a more sales-centric business approach to ensure customer satisfaction and convenience. Our mission is to give an ideal one-stop solution to the Book Niche by converging our cumulative experience of 10+ years in sales, marketing, corporate and wholesale network.

Bookmarketeers believe in providing our customers not only value for money, but exceeding their expectations at every level through our pre and post-publishing perspectives. We aim to keep our customers updated and in the loop, so whether it’s a query for an order or any book-related update, we will go beyond our excellence to create an ultimate online Book writing and Publishing experience when using our website.

Bookmarketeers provides its customers with considerable discounts on orders, which allows our customers to avail them at various locations nationwide. Bookmarketeers always wants its customers to feel privileged & therefore, we are planning to take this card Global.


Our Recent Collections

Our recent work done by our unique talent pool with various skillsets has made us specialize in several genres for catering to ghostwriting purposes of the clients belonging to various industries.



John Miles
October 26, 2020.
Verified review
My name is John Miles, author of the recent novel "Nemesis" available on Amazon Kindle. I recently contracted with Bookmarketeers for cover artwork and they delivered and then some. The experience of being a first-time author is exciting but stressful, and Bookmarketeers made the process of creating a cover as painless and rewarding as possible. Thanks for all your help and I will definitely be utilizing this service again for my next project.
LeTreon Clea
October 6, 2020.
Verified review
Everything was conducted in the most professional and timely manner. They are excellent with communications and answering all necessary questions. They thoroughly explained everything and walked me through the entire process.
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