Reasons Why Hiring An eBook Ghostwriter Is Completely Ethical

Hiring an ebook ghostwriter from ebook writing services is pretty common nowadays. It is known to all that most of today’s industrial professionals use ebook writing services or hire their content creation team for their business needs fulfillment.

Passionate politicians’ speeches to a remarkable presentation of business leader, the majority content used by professionals are written by professional writers. These writers are individuals no one knows. Are things starting to make sense, right?

Unfortunately, hiring an ebook ghostwriter from ebook writing services is continuously in the discussion. A majority of people consider this as illegal, unethical, and dishonest. But why? Upon comparing these two scenarios, aren’t they the same? In both cases, a writer is producing content for you. Then why do authors hiring ghostwriters to write their e books face criticism? However, people are pretty okay with political leaders and industry professionals using such services for their speeches.

So, let us draw a vivid picture and clear the misapprehension of ebook ghostwriting, and state why hiring an ebook writer is entirely ethical.

It’s All About Seeking Professional Assistance

We all are not the jack of all trades and features specialized expertise in our respective domains. For instance, you go to a doctor when you face health issues. Similarly, you refer a mechanic for your car repairs. It’s because these people are professional in their field, and you don’t possess those skills. We can’t perform all the tasks ourselves. We all refer to the professionals in our daily tasks and seek their advice to complete a work we can’t do ourselves. 

So, hiring a ghostwriter is also a similar scenario to those we discussed. Professional writing is a specialized skill not possessed by everyone. A leader doesn’t need to have exceptional writing skills as he could contain tons of leadership abilities and ideas. So, making a lack of writing skills a reason for not sharing your vision, knowledge, wisdom, and experience with the world is just an excuse.

Ghostwriters from e book writing services transform your incredible ideas into a masterpiece of informative content or story. They allow you to pen down your thoughts and knowledge to the world in the most efficient way possible. In the absence of ebook ghostwriters, numerous inspirational individuals and leaders would not have simply existed. They gave a unique insight into their lives by writing for them, which made them recognized throughout the globe.

Ghostwriting is Just Like Any Other Service

Ghostwriting is just like any other service that a business offers. A company sells its services in the market; however, in this case, the service is writing, and a person is willing to buy that service. What’s wrong, then? Both of these make a deal that ensures product delivery within a specified time, swapping with money.

Professional e book writing services feature experienced ebook ghostwriters that offer their services. These services are usually availed by individuals lacking writing skills or insufficient time to focus on writing an ebook.

Ghostwriters Are Paid for Their Services

All ghostwriters charge a handsome amount of money in return for their services. However, the amount paid varies with their experience, reputation, past content success ratio, and expertise in writing. Moreover, a professional ghostwriter writing a book for a well-known personality charges a lot more than usual for his services.

So, it’s pretty clear that the writing industry operates pretty similar to other industries. A ghostwriter is paid significantly higher if experienced and excels in writing in any domain with a proven success ratio.

It’s A Synergic Effort

Writing an e book for business or any commercial or recreational purpose is not easy as it looks. It requires the cooperation of the writer and the person. You need to be available and involved throughout the writing process as many core ideas are evolved in your mind. At the same time, the ghostwriter interprets your thoughts with a professional touch to meet the industry standards and engage the audience most efficiently. This whole process makes it a synergic project.

It Features Mutually Accepted Terms and Conditions

Whenever a deal occurs between an individual and ebook writing services, both entities sign an agreement listing terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are most often of the privacy and confidentiality concerns and the rights of the whole book. You might have heard when ghostwriters ask credit for their writings despite having a confidentiality agreement; it’s just an exceptional case and seldom happens, so it cannot be considered the reason to worry.

Hiring Ghostwriter Isn’t Exploitation

There is a misconception that hiring an e book ghostwriter is exploitation of someone’s handwork and polished skills. Actually, it is not an exploitation. All ghostwriters from ebook writing services offer services with complete consent and are not pushed by anyone in making the decision. They sell their work in return for a handsome sum of money.

However, not giving credits is among the primary criticism made over ghostwriting. Actually, it isn’t essential always to get recognition as an agreement is signed the prior project, which clearly states whether the credit is to be given or not, and the ghostwriter agrees to that agreement. 

Similarly, on project completion, the writer transfers all the rights to you, and you can use it however you desire. So it’s pretty vivid that writers cannot claim credits as they have signed the agreement with respective terms and conditions.

Final Thoughts

So, the primary reason why numerous people consider hiring an e book writer unethical is that they think that ghostwriters should be recognized and receive gratitude. However, it’s just an assumption!

As stated above, ghostwriters work with their free will and are not forced to perform this work. They simply offer their professional skills in exchange for money.

It’s a common practice of businesses who hire a web and graphic designers to assist them in developing brand image and offer a unique user experience. But, have you ever sighted the designer’s name on any brand’s website or logo? So, when this is not unethical, then why e book writing or any sort of writing services are considered unethical. It is just working on a similar pattern.

So, always do proper research over anything you are planning to do, and don’t mislead yourself by hearing such misconceptions. You don’t need to be hesitant in owning a professionally written e book with your name written by a professional ghostwriter. It is because you lack those writing skills but have immense knowledge and concepts adequate for writing a book. 

Hire a professional writer for your personal or professional needs but make sure you discuss all the terms and conditions on the agreement before making a deal to eliminate misunderstanding and confusion, which might later lead to disappointments.