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Bookmarketeers consists of individual writers whose job is to write for clients without having the need to include their respective names. We look forward to associating ourselves with the distribution phase of your desired book. We use content marketing as our tool to incorporate with advertising, networking, and various other niches.
We are happy to assist you in your book publishing ventures. Simply inform us about your requirements and parameters. Our extensively qualified professionals will get in touch with you to provide appropriate recommendations.
Ghost Writing is a highly valued skill that helps aspiring authors facing mental block, to help them publish their desired book in exchange of value and money while keeping the anonymity of the clients’ names.
There are a considerable amount of factors involved which approximate the costs of hiring bookmarketeers. This consists of the complexity, skill set needed, and especially the time required to complete your provided project. You can provide your requirements and get a quotation from us.
We live in a digitalized era, which means that ranking of content keeps changing from time to time. Google recommends avoiding such companies that offer complete guaranteed orders of any sort of content. We definitely don’t guarantee top-notch results; we give answers based on the previous works we have done to generate potential sales for all of our clients. We have our own digital marketing agency, which provides an immense amount of support to get your content a significant amount of traffic worldwide.