Judy Woak

I’d like to express my deepest appreciation to Jack Mathews and Derick Hudson for their excellent guidance in getting my book published. Based on Jack and Derick’s professionalism I wouldn’t hesitate to refer Bookmarketeers to others. Overall, my experience with Book Marketeers was great.

Lloyd Nsek

Today being 6/29/23 I received the first chapter of my film script/ screenplay project from my writing team of Jack Mathews, Derick Hudson, and Anne. From the opening paragraph, it left me salivating and beaming with excitement. These nine pages of written work hit the mark. Even though it's still work in progress, I believe we are we've kicked it off on the right foot. Thanks team for the excellent start. And bravo to Bookmarketeers for its professionalism.

John Persad

Professional so far.
Ethan was my first sales contact, then Jack and Derick started to handle my account. I have been very pleased so far in the beginning stages. I will give an updated report later on in the process. Professional and on time with the book review and cover design.



Matthew was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with navigating all the different packages that would be most suitable for what I’m currently needing as a new author. He helped me find the best deal and explained everything throughly and really prioritized my needs. He is super kind and friendly it was such a pleasure to receive his assistance. I wish everyone could be as patient and caring as him.

John Sullivan

Kimberly Hills did a superlative job helping me write my first book and I am 84 years old. People my age who did not grow up in the computer age often find them difficult but Kim helped me at every step and gave me a lot of very excellent advice when needed.
Although the graft that proceeded this did not allow me to rate her like I would like to I would give her an A+ without hesitation. If she is assisting you consider yourself very lucky!

Jeanette Barnes

Book Marketeers Publishing Company is an extraordinary and genuine company that deserves more recognition and I highly recommend them. I had a lot of questions and have reached out to Gavin Aly multiple of times during the week or month. Each time I have reached out to him, he responded within a hour or less to solved my issue. This publishing company has the best support team. They are always positive and very supportive. I appreciated everything Gavin has done to get my book republished due to making additional corrections. He has following through to oversee the finish editing product. Kudos to Gavin and thank you very much.


T. L. Conn

Publishing a novel is not for the faint of heart. It is a creation of its own, separate from your book but essential to success. It takes time & at its center is the Project Manager to guide you & support you. Kimberley Hills at KDP Bookmarketeers, in particular, has the experience & compassion to take you on that journey. She's the life-line you can trust all the way.

Phillip Asher

I am a first-time author. I have been working with Jack Matthews. I must say he has been patient with me as I have been learning the process of publishing for the first time. I have been limited with what I could afford to invest with Bookmarketeers but I feel Jack has understood my situation. I really appreciate that. The book is almost finished with the publishing. Now I hope for the best. If it does well, I have to give Jack Matthews most of the credit for the success of the publication.

Willie Woodall

My first published story
I have been working with an amazing project manager by the name of Kimberly Hill. This will be my first published story. I didn't know much about the publishing business so to leap into something so unknown for me was quite daunting. But Kimberly took my fear away by walking me through each step of the process. She was patient and knowledgeable. Instead of feeling stress during the process, I experienced a level of comfort, that let me know, my story was in the right hands.


Brett Moore

I had concerns over the print quality of the initial product. The company answered my call after hours, and quickly corrected the error and immediately shipped the new order. I was pleased with their professionalism and integrity. I would recommend them to anyone.

Leonard Sonne

Katherine Gilbert and Kevin Williams were excellent and helped make one of my life dreams come true. They are like family and without their efforts the novel A Man Like You And Me would never have become a realty.
Paul Joel, author

Bruce Wrenn

Genuinely Satisfied
I have read hundreds of reviews. I have learned that the best review is a truthful and honest review. This is rather than an emotional and irrational attack on a person or product.
This is my 3rd book published through Bookmarketeers. I do not know the company as a whole. However, I know my director/associate Kimberly Hills. Through the process of each book, she has been award-winning, in my view. Professional and personable, she has gone the extra mile to communicate and discuss book editing, cover, and copyright issues. All in all, publishing with Bookmarketeers is a pleasant journey. My fear is that one day Kimberly Hills will be promoted, and I'll lose her as my director.


Ron Paul

Kimberley Hills is the best Project Manager!
I had a great experience with Book Marketeers and Kim, they helped me in each process of getting my book out smoothly. Thinking of proceeding with their marketing services as well.

Jeanette Barnes

Productivity and Communication
I would like to say thanks to Kevin Williams for his hard work of many days in keeping an open communication on the status of printing my cookbook. To be a first-time author I was amazed of how he has shown tremendous character by helping me to ensured everything got done, even during such a busy time. I am glad to know that I can depend on him. He has follow through the process in getting the books printed and is overseeing my cookbook to be placed on multiple platforms to name a few, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. His exceptional work ethic does not go unnoticed. Thanks again Eric.

Tiffany B Morris

Thank you Katherine Gilbert and Team from the bottom of my heart!
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with such an amazing team! Everyone made my experience beyond easy. Katherine Gilbert and her entire team explained everything that was happening and responded within 5mins to all of my questions regardless of what I asked. It has been my pleasure working with this team and I appreciate them all beyond words for helping my dream come true! thank you from the bottom of my heart!!