Guide to kindle direct publishing

We are aware of Amazon’s Self-Publishing service. If you are reading this blog post, you are already familiar with the Kindle Direct Publishing’ methodology. This user-friendly and innovative method has turned out to be very beneficial for newbie authors. The newbie authors must be aware of how Amazon Self-Publishing Royalties are being divided between the two parties. You might not be much aware of how much Amazon charges your book to get printed and published. Let’s answer these most commonly asked questions about Amazon KDP so that you can set your marks on the expected profit.

How Royalties are divided on E-books?

There are two kinds of Amazon Self-Publishing Royalties: 70% and 35% Options.
To attain 70% of the royalty on the book, you need to achieve the following tasks:

  • Make sure your published material does not fall under the public domain.
  • The pricing of the book must be set between $3 – $10, to be precise.
  • The pricing of the printed book must be 20% more than the E-book.
  • Always opt for file delivery. The fees for the delivery will automatically be deducted from your royalty payments.

The 70% royalty is mostly likely to be applicable in English-speaking countries – such as the UK, USA, and Canada. However, more countries from the European Union are included in the eligibility criterion. If you fail to accomplish any of the tasks mentioned above, you will automatically be dropped to 35% royalty criteria.

Estimated Cost of Self-Publishing a book

Amazon’s model of Kindle Direct Publishing is a little bit different from Vanity Presses. It does not charge you any upfront costs; it somewhat deducts the miscellaneous fees (Printing or Delivery) from the royalties itself. According to the 70% Royalty mentioned above. Amazon charges $0.15 per Mb (megabyte) for delivering eBooks. However, this Cost can be easily neglected if you are opting for a 35% royalty plan. Amazon uses a different formula listed below for printing your paperbacks.

Fixed Cost + (No of Pages x Cost per Page)

These are just the cost estimation that is related to just get your published-on Amazon. Don’t forget about other expenses that you might have to bear to publish a high-volume masterpiece. Advertising on Social Media Platforms and Amazon itself, along with full professional cover design services, can cost you thousands of dollars. Bookmarketeers saves you from the hassle of going through all troubles. We provide all such services at extremely affordable rates so that you have a maximum of Amazon Self-Publishing Royalties on your books.