Book Cover Design

Writing a good book is just the beginning of your journey as an author. In most cases, the best writers cannot get the main content they need because authors are not doing the right thing to make people buy their books. The most vital part of a book is the book cover design. Yes, everyone always judges a book by its cover. As the saying goes, it is very stemmed. The cover of the book makes all the difference. Even the most passionate reader will look at the cover of the book first. The book cover design is like a face or a good book. Unfortunately, we live in a society and, although it looks terrible, no one wants to look inside.

Therefore, you may have written a book and discover that book publishing is a step ahead for you. You may have hired book marketing services and editors to help with other important things in this book. In the case of a book cover design, the decision on the cover is decisive. Most importantly, there is no designer you have worked with, and no book cover designer can help you get an award-winning cover. There are many factors to consider when choosing a book cover design service. Here in this blog post, we have mentioned some important tips for making the right decision.

First, In-depth Research 

The first step in hiring a book cover design service is to research. It doesn’t look as easy as it seems. But the truth is that getting a list of potential designers can be a simple process. A great way to find a book cover designer is to search for other books on Amazon. Especially other books written by independent authors. Go to your bestseller from Amazon and start clicking on the book covers you like.

Did you know that many authors actually list cover designers in the book’s preface? You can access this page by clicking on the book cover and using the “look inside” feature.

Shortlist Designers Who Have Similar Style 

Each is a unique individual with their own tastes. And your opinion on the cover of a beautiful book is no exception. You may prefer a simple book cover, while another author may favor a lively book cover. For example, you can create a private Pinterest board with covers containing beautiful books that you like. That way, you can find the likenesses between the covers of these books and find the cover styles of the books you want. Also, each designer has their own style, so be sure to list some designers who have the same style as yours.

There Is A Difference Between Custom & Premade Book Cover 

Another aspect that you need to consider is whether you want a custom book cover or premade. Some designers have a stock of premade book covers that you can buy. It is usually a simple cover. After purchasing this cover, the designer will add the book’s title and author’s name to the cover. They can also be exclusive premade covers and, once sold, no other similar cover will be for sale.

Instead, a custom book cover provides designers with detailed information about the book, and they can create a unique book cover designed specifically for you. The price of a custom book cover is higher because the design is personalized for your book. In addition, the designer will customize the cover based on your advice.

Understand The Agency’s Process 

Before hiring a book cover design service, familiarize yourself with the design process. How many models are created? Do you have a choice? After the first planning round, do you need to pay for the change you want? Each book cover design agency works differently. Therefore, it is important to understand your process in advance. And if you’re not satisfied with their process, keep looking for another one.


Check the pricing page or contact the book cover design agency for the prices. It may have advanced prices, such as basic or advanced. Or the cost of an eBook cover and a printed book cover is different. The cover of a book is one of the important investments for authors. Unless readers scroll through your book to find the cover of this ugly book, they will not know how good your story is or how well you are writing it.

Therefore, the cover of the book should be sufficient to motivate readers to read at least the first page. If you are just starting out, we recommend that you consider buying premade cover design services. Or, if you are an adventurer, you can buy a custom book cover design service right away.

The main reason to hire a professional book cover design service is to ensure that your covers must attract and motivate readers to purchase your book. That means working together to create the book cover design that best fits your book and dream.