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2020 was a year of unpredictable changes in all areas of our lives, and the world of book writing, and publishing without any exception. But one of the main differences is that the publishing industry has been constantly changing for more than a decade. The coronavirus pandemic has brought many industries to the digital world with an incredible leap. But for the publishing industry, many changes are never new.

With the growth of e-books and digital markets, many readers have migrated to the digital ground. Through self-publishing, many distribution processes shifted more and more to cyberspace long before the pandemic. Therefore, the editor seems to be more willing to deal with its effects than any other industry. At least in some ways. These effects tell us about expectations for 2021.

book publish

In addition to the pandemic, other significant changes in the publishing industry are still underway and these changes are expected to continue until 2022. It is increasingly difficult for publishers to differentiate themselves in congested markets. In addition to new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and marketing campaigns, collaboration methods and platform building are important trends for authors who emphasize their work.

Without exaggeration, since 2020, it has been rare for several publishers to now look to the future of the publishing industry. In this blog post, we’ll break the crystal ball, focus on industry-leading trends, and analyze some of the top trends in the publishing industry.

#1 Audiobooks will continue to grow

In recent years, this trend has increased, with all brands encouraging self-published and independent writers to seriously consider the publication of audiobooks, e-books, and printed books, or returning to backlists. When people who like books discover that audiobooks can be heard in bed, at the right time, in the kitchen, and even at work, the popularity of audiobooks continues to grow.

According to a study, 74% of audiobook consumers hear them in the car up from 69% recent year, and 68% of households down from 71% in 2018. These are the top two popular places. They also assume the growth increases with the smart speakers to grow the audiobook trend.

#2 The author is the “Message”

With the proliferation of self-publishing, book authors gradually turned their attention to writing. Depending on and publisher to promote an author’s work is not enough. The cost of an indie also requires time to improve. This can be a difficult task, especially for those who are looking for book publishing services for the first time. Many publishers, including Bookmarketeers, coordinate their marketing strategies to guide their authors.

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Participation is essential in terms of virtual events, Facebook chats, podcast interviews paid to advertise, etc. More and more individuals are using marketing budgets for digital channels. Now is the time to try.

#3 Be aware of plagiarists

In recent years, it has been noticed that more and more plagiarists steal your work. There is no doubt that this trend will continue until 2022. Anyone who can publish a book on a platform like Amazon, the plagiarists copy the book entirety or make enough changes to make it more difficult to detect and then publish it. usually, market it is particularly lucrative categories.

You can protect your books in a number of ways, but by 2021, you want to do everything you can. Register the copyright. Check digital rights management for e-books. Use tools like Google Alert to indicate where your text appears online. It also helps to track piracy. Many plagiarists work hard to change the first part of a book, so you can search for short, unique phrases at the end of the book. You can also use this content to configure Google Alerts.

#4 Register on Google Play

There is a new e-book publishing partner “Google Play”. They only compete with Amazon to raise royalties to 70 percent. Google Play will become increasingly popular in 2021, but you’ll need to sign up for an account and use it (it’s not always immediate). So, if you want to explore Google Play as another book publishing service, we recommend you to sign up now!

#5 Better user experience

The book publishing service industry aims to provide users with content in a variety of formats and to help the hearing impaired. Improving access can advance the user experience, allow them to use content more capably, and increase readership. The Accessible Books Consortium is the gold standard for creating more accessible eBooks and encourages all publishers to embrace electronic publishing.

#6 Artificial Intelligence (AI) – from marketing to translation

Today, artificial intelligence technology can accomplish impressive feats. In the publication, artificial intelligence was born from marketing to translation. However, artificial intelligence analysis can also help authors determine whether their book is ready for publication and provide insights into the book’s suitability for the market. Before investing in a book, it is always good to know if you are willing to invest.

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Artificial intelligence provides objective feedback, determines which other books have similar styles and shades, and helps writers better understand readers. This is especially important because readers are often drawn to a specific style, rather than a specific category or content that is difficult for human editors to detect. The analysis of artificial intelligence is fast and objective, perfectly complementing the evaluation of experienced writers.

#7 Meaningful content

Today, a large amount of content can be obtained on digital channels through social networks. Instagram artists, valued readers on Facebook and Twitter intellectuals are all under your attention. This makes it difficult to find expressive legendary material on platforms that are already full of content. No one is willing to publish original and creative blog content, like an author who is an indie and represents the best word creator.

Final Words

Do not join the latter. Learn everything, get ready to publish your book, collaborate with professional book publishing service providers, and be prepared. You don’t have to do book marketing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but if your book is your passion and if you create high-quality books, your job is not more difficult.