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You might have been successful in implementing your ideas and publishing a book. However, the book-marketing industry might give you a tough time generating a handsome return on investment. Various factors are responsible for making you a successful author, and marketing is one of them. Book Marketing Industry is known for its dynamic and versatile nature. Traditional bookstores got replaced by digitalized Bookstores, E-Books are being replaced by AudioBook, and so on. Marketing Strategies are all about trying new ideas, implementing them, and evaluating their outcomes. This blogpost is focused on such Book-Marketing strategies that every aspiring author needs to try. To make the most out of marketing strategies, authors must know about their audiences. It is better if they can segregate them into two parts; Existing Members and Newcomers. The Existing fans are the readers who email and follow social media and are on their newsletter list. This is a warm audience, and it’s important to remember to market to those readers. Newcomers are the readers who are expected to like the content of an aspiring author. We can also consider them a cold audience, and reaching out to those readers requires different tactics.

Exclusive Content for ‘Members Only’
Creating a “Members Only” page on a website provides a way that not only grows a newsletter list but also rewards the subscribers. It serves as a win-win for both cold and warm audiences. The following feature offers a featured free downloadable book, Longer sneak peeks, trailers of upcoming books, Puzzles, quizzes, and games. Authors can change up the material on the page frequently to keep readers coming back. This unlockable content can be easily accessed by the provision of an email address. Providing tactically-correct content in the newsletters is also vital to a marketing strategy. It usually is a blend of personal and professional writing style. Authors offer an insight into their writing process, which serves as an inspiration, a behind the scenes moment for members.

Backlist and Featured Deals
It is essential to use the books piled up in your catalog to generate better sales before its too late. If you’re a new author and 4-5 books sound like a lot, just remember that it’s much easier to sell books in large amounts rather than having one. Each book brings new readers and can quickly help you gain momentum —  it will also provide you with more marketing collateral once it’s time to release your next title. One of the best ways to work the backlist is by running a price promotion for one book and submitting it for a Featured Deal on Self-Publishing Platforms. This will drive a high volume of sales to new readers who then may go on to buy your latest title.

Authors usually can make the first books a few released books free (for a limited time) to get as many readers as possible into attention. For mid-series books or standalone, they can opt for a $0.99-$1.99 deal. This makes sure that the back matter of the book they’re promoting includes an excerpt and retailer link to the next book, making readers want to buy (the next-in-series book or a new release).

Giveaway Excerpts and Relationship Building

One of the best engagement on social media is to establish a reader group on Facebook. Here Authors have an opportunity to directly engage with their proactive readers. They can easily indulge them in their unique writing process. Not just that, they can also invite new ideas while writing a forthcoming book. The more engagement in the process will eventually lead to a better ROI. Plus, this technique can also prove to be useful in knowing audiences. It’s two-way communication that can give us personalized feedback, which cannot be expected by a newsletter or an ad. Building a reader group from the beginning of your career is one of the best things you can do.