Do you need more viewers to share your book with the world?

If you are a writer, then you might be thinking about self-publishing your book. You might not have an idea, but having your self-published book can extend your business and blogs as well. The new trend in the market that self-published platforms can generate up to 30-50% of your book sales in any format. In the United States, such platforms are already accounting for 40% of all the books sold.
Self-Publishing Authors are gaining advantages over the conventional ones, as young people prefer Online Stores (i.e., Amazon) from those old Brick and Mortar stores.
Now that you are aware of the latest trends let’s focus on the companies where you can choose to publish.

Amazon Kindle

Kindle accounts are responsible for getting 80% sales in the United States of e-books. It is no wonder that Amazon Kindle remains the top-notch platform for publishing and selling your e-books. Amazon Kindle provides you with a marketing program that is very helpful for promoting your books with the help of discounts and countdown deals. Moreover, Kindle allows you to opt for a 90-day distribution deal in return for making your book available on their Book Lending Library. This allows Amazon’s Prime Users to check out the book for free in exchange for royalties on every book borrowed.

Barnes and Noble Press

Barnes and Noble Press provides a self-publishing portal, which accounts for up to 10-11% of the e-books sales, mainly in the US. They can also offer print-on-demand features that are retailed at their online and traditional book stores. They have no hidden charges, and you can earn up to 65% of the royalties on your published e-books list. They don’t have any third-party distributors, which means that they can print paperbacks themselves and saving your additional costs.


Representing Apple.Inc, iBooks is now one of the most renowned e-book retailers who have 15-20% sales across the US. The global outreach of ibooks is at least 40 countries. Moreover, they set prices depending upon the location of the countries that ensures more sales across the globe. Apple offers the highest royalty rate of flat 70% making it possible for everyone to publish on their platform. However, you must own a Mac Device to get your book published.


Rakuten’s Kobo has the best potentially growing market year by year when it comes to Book Publishing. It is a subsidiary of a Japanese E-commerce Giant known as Rakuten, which has gotten firm and more assertive year by year to mark its presence worldwide. They provide a very user-friendly self-publishing platform and don’t forget their sweet bonuses and exclusive promotion opportunities that they offer for authors selling outside the US.


We are aware that people still prefer the physical copy of books. Createspace is Amazon’s Publishing Platform, which uses the feature of publishing books on demand. Amazon is everywhere, and they have targeted this kind of audience as well, allowing them to sell exclusively on Amazon. If the authors decide to expand their grow their distribution program, they have the freedom to sell on other platforms like (Barnes and Noble, Ingram, and Baker & Taylor)